About Verónica

Welcome to my blog.

My purpose with this site is to write about issues related to teaching and learning, living in different countries, cultures and societies and interesting everyday situations.

Feel free to make any comments about what I write. It’s always great to exchange opinions on the issues that interest many of us.

About me…


I’m from Nicaragua, a small country in Central America which borders with Honduras, Costa Rica, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

At the age of 17 I moved to the UK where I went to university for six years. After completing a master’s in Development Studies I returned to Nicaragua. Back home I worked for human right NGOs.

In 2010 I moved back to Europe, this time, with my Finnish husband whom I’d met in Nicaragua a few years earlier. During our years together (13) we’ve lived in Nicaragua, Belgium, Finland, Russia; in 2015 we moved to Kenya and later this year we’ll be relocating to France.


Job wise, I’m a Spanish teacher. I also hold a master’s in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I begun my teaching career in England, in a boarding school near London.

Currently I’m teaching Spanish in an international school, represented by students and teachers from 84 nationalities. It’s a wonderful place.

Hobby wise, in addition to writing, I love photography and I’m a student at the NYIP.

I also love traveling and I’m lucky to have visited over 50 countries.


I enjoy learning languages. I speak Spanish and English, of course, and French. I’ve also been learning Finnish since 2013. At one point I studied it for one year, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 2.30 p.m. yet I’m still learning it! It’s certainly one of the most difficult… or better put “different” languages in the world, with a a large amount of inflectional types: number, tense, person, case, gender, and others, all of which usually produce different forms of the same word  (if you speak Finnish, have a look at the picture below, it’s from a lesson and an example of what I mean).

The day I’m capable of writing a blog entry in Finnish, I’ll confidently say that I speak a fourth language. For now, I’ll keep on studying it…


Finally, I also love drinking coffee! I’d dare to say that Colombia, Guatemala and Jamaica have the highest quality beans, but the cities where I’ve had my best cups of coffees are Turin, London, Vienna, Istanbul and Helsinki.

So there you go… and enough about me! Now let’s get on with the real stuff (that is, check out the blog menu and have a read at my posts).

Thanks for dropping by ¡Y bienvenidos!

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