Bonjour a tous !

Normalement j’écris mon blog en anglais mais aujourd’hui je vais le faire en français !

Ce post est un peu différent des autres parce que, pour pratiquer mon français écrit en utilisant un vocabulaire général et facile, je vais parler un peu de moi et de mes voyages et je vais vous montrer aussi quelques photos.


Récemment je suis revenue du Nicaragua où j’ai fait un séjour de deux mois.

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Hola and Welcome to my blog !  See the source image

My purpose with this site is to write about issues related to teaching and learning, living in different countries, cultures and interesting everyday situations.

Feel free to make any comments about what I write. It’s always enriching to exchange opinions on the issues that interest many of us.

About me…

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In this post I’ll tell you about a “crazy” Latin American-gone-worldwide phenomenon: Telenovelas!

As “crazy” as it may sound, I can assure you that after reading this, you’ll have a more serious opinion on soap operas and, who knows, you might actually start watching one. 😉  

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It’s been some time since I last wrote a blog post. Pole, as my Kenyan friends would say, but I’m back (!) and it’s never too late to write. 😉

In my time as an educator, experience has taught me that, regardless of the academic subject one teaches – be it languages, chemistry, maths, history, etc – this is a profession that includes mentoring and, consciously or unconsciously, influencing children and young people.

my classroom.jpg

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Before I left Helsinki to move to Kenya, I interviewed different classmates with whom I studied the Finnish language, as well as other foreign friends I made while living in Finland. I asked them to talk about three basic points: them, their culture shock experiences, and what they like and enjoy (or not) about Finland and/or the Finns.

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